Our Advantage

Jebens Petroleum Engineering, LLC (JPE) makes it a top priority to uphold sound engineering, professionalism, teamwork, strong communication skills, discipline, and safety when conducting any operation.

Professionalism, communication, and safety are amongst our top priorities. Our conduct in the work place is industry leading and continues to grow on a day by day basis amongst all our professionals.

JPE has been apart of many startup and established operators. JPE has played a beneficial role in taking operators from 9,000 bopd to 57,000 bopd upon project completion. JPE has also been acquired on several critical well operations such as HPHT snubbing, stimulation, and drillout. As well as well blowouts, well control, and subzero (artic) weather conditions.

Our leadership continues to strive in providing our customers with top professionals who exhibit our core principles and keep environment, community, and safety as a top priority.